Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Portuguese Women considered the "Woman of the Year" on UAE

Maria da Conceição is a Portuguese with 32 years old living and working for six years in Dubai as a flight attendant in Emirates Airlines.
Last night, the Portuguese won the award for "Woman of the Year" in the United Arab Emirates.
Maria da Conceição won the "Humanitarian of the Year" with the creation in 2005 of the Dhaka Project, an initiative that aims to take from the cycle of poverty hundreds of children in a suburb of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and was also elected in the maximum category with the award "Woman of the Year".
The categories and nominees in each for the 2009 Awards were:

The Achievers -- Business Category (Sponsored by Philips)
Mariya Kassam - The Dynamic Diva
Jelena Bin Drai - The Salon Success Story
Farah Foustok - The First Lady of Finance
Eileen Wallis - The PR Princess
Danielle Wilson - The Online Entrepreneur
Artists -- Art and Culture(Sponsored by The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery)
Asmaa Al-Shabibi - The Design Diva
Nadine Knotzer - The Avant-garde Artist
Shivani Pandya - The Director's Cut
Sarah Belhasa - The Fashion Entrepreneur
Dalia Dogmoch - The Queen of Culinary Delights
Humanitarians -- Charity
Tala Dionisi - The Ambassadorial Angel
Isabelle Le Bon - The Queen of Hearts
Maria Conceicao - The Wings of Dhaka
Sonia Brewin - The Artist's Saviour
Dr Cathy Leibman - The Voice of Hope
Visionaries -- Lifestyle
Mariam Hareb - The Avid Environmentalist
Sahar Mekkauui - Lady of Luxe
Nicole Betts - Ms Movember

Lale Ansingh - The People Person
Padma Coram -- The Entertaining Philanthropist


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