Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Abel Xavier, portuguese football player, is now a Muslim

Former Portuguese international player Abel Xavier has announced his conversion to be a Muslim.
Xavier held a press conference in the Ras Al Khaimah stadium in the UAE before a league match in which he announced his conversion and his new name – Faisal.
The former Benfica and Liverpool defender held the press conference in the presence of members of the local royal family and announced his official retirement from football. He is now set to take part in a humanitarian project which will benefit the lives of millions in Africa.
"It's an emotional goodbye and I hope to participate in something very satisfying in a new stage of my life," said Xavier. "In moments of grief, I have found comfort in Islam. Slowly, I learned a religion that professes peace, equality, freedom and hope. These are foundations with which I identify. Only after a thorough knowledge and an intense experience, I took this decision. I'd like to thank the royal family for its love and affection. They embraced me and made me feel special."


  1. maaşallah Abel a my new brother in İslam. Allah rise your degree in İslam. Selam for allover the Muslims.

    from İstanbul.

  2. very good we thank Allah. you are selected the real relegion. May Allah bless you

    from India

  3. Wise decision. Being a Portuguese convert myself - it's not easy because there was a lot of criticism from my so-called religious catholic family. In the words of my Mother - "you were born a catholic and you will die a catholic!" May Allah guide her.
    And may Allah raise your rank and keep you strong in your deen.
    It has been confirmed that the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him said: Three persons will get their reward twice [i.e. a double reward]. [One is] a believer from the People of the Scriptures who has been a true believer [in his Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him], and then he believes in the Prophet [Muhammad Peace and Blessings be upon him]. Such a person will receive a double reward.
    Hadith - Bukhari and Muslim, vol. 4, no. 255, p. 158

  4. He will chose the right path which is batter for him then he will change his religion. In ISLAM you have to freedom you can chose your religion.There is no ban in the ISLAM that you live in ISLAM or not.But after following the ISLAM you can success in this world and after this world.Because ISLAM gives the best propagation for their peoples that what is batter for his right.

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