Monday, 15 February 2010

Arabian Business downhill - Portugal Vs Mohamed Hassan

TITLE IN AUDIÊNCIA NEWSPAPER: Arabian Business downhill

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Translation of the initial part of the article:
"His name is Mohamed Hassan, he is Egyptian a businessman and partner of a society where also included Portuguese names and could have invested millions of dollars in our country if the bureaucracy had not demoted him.
Hotel units of four and five star, lands to urbanize and marinas had been in the investment intentions of the entrepreneur. To achieve them, Hassan only asked as grant a residence visa that it was not given by the Portuguese Government. Attempts to obtain such document have been held up many months, through the intermediation of the administrator of Edigaia, José Domingos Oliveira, who keeps a company in Dubai with Mohamed Hassan. Between phone calls and open letters directed to the highest governing bodies, Oliveira only regrets that "Portugal denies a resident visa to an investor, but give that for the Guantanamo detainees”."

The main phrase of José Domingos Oliveira: "From the part of José Domingos Oliveira, the trust, that, seems to be blind, "I promised to help, and is what I will continue to do", guarantees."

Interview of Mohamed Hassan to "Audiência Newspaper"

Audiência Newspaper: What are your plans for investment in Portugal?

Mohamed Hassan: My plan now in Portugal is work with my partner and friend in our Company GULF – Consulting & Investments and with Edigaia too. We have a lot of projects and we are doing everything to help Portuguese companies that want to invest in Arab Markets.
We are preparing too a possibility to work in sports with my company Master Sports with the support of GULF.
After that, and if I get the Resident Visa, like I told before, Portugal is a good opportunity for me and my investors.
AN: Can we talk about a considerable amount of money?

MH: We never can’t talk about quantity of money but I’m sure that me, my partners, friends and the people that I represent, can invest in Portugal some hundreds of million dollars.
AN: Do you really need a license for residence to accept investing in Portugal?

MH: It’s like a guaranty. I don’t know anything about Portugal… only Oliveira Family and some people in Lisbon. I trust all this people but I don’t want to bring people to invest in a country that don’t trust me. I work in Europe and I feel totally trust when I need to do something.
AN: Have you ever had any answer from the Portuguese government?

MH: My friend José Domingos Oliveira is the person that is helping me. I never talked with the Portuguese government but I’m available for that if necessary. If they don’t talk with a Portuguese guy how they could want to talk with me?

AN:We know you have businesses in European countries, like Germany or Austria. Was it so hard to have a license on those countries? (do you have one?)

MH: I just want a Portuguese Visa because in this country I have more than a company or investments. I have a family friends and I want to come here many times and pass here a lot of time. Sometimes I stay for example 6 months in Egypt; Why not stay in Portugal too if I can have companies and friends here?
I always get normal Visa every time I want to fly to Europe. I never had problems with that. I don’t want a Visa from other country but I already had an offer for that. I want a Portuguese Visa.

AN: Do you believe Portuguese authorities will someday “think” about your case?

MH: Really I don’t know. At this moment I lost the trust on that but I really believe that one day, maybe the Portuguese Government will understand what they lost.

AN: In what matter would your investments become favorable for our country?

MH: My investments are like all the others foreign investments. We are talking about development and money from exterior to Portugal. And If I’m not mistake, Portugal live a big economical crisis… how can your government say no to foreign capital and investments?

AN: Why to invest in Portugal?

MH: Like I told you before, Portugal is a place where I have good friends, trustable people and a country that I like very much… very quiet, pretty and with a culture of respect.
From other side, I really believe that GULF – Consulting & Investments could be an excellent business and could bring many people from Arab World to invest in Portugal with us.
AN: Do you considerer on giving up from businesses in our country, in case of not having the license?

MH: It is very difficult. I’m really angry with all that situation. I will continue helping and supporting my friend José Domingos Oliveira with GULF Company and Edigaia but I need to think very well if I’m available to invest in a country that don’t trust me.
AN:Is it true that you maintain strong relationships with royal families in Emirates and Egypt?

MH: I have a very strong relation with the royal family in Emirates and with the decision makers of the government in Egypt (it’s a republic country) but not only. I really have many friends all over the world, especially in Arab countries.


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