Friday, 11 January 2013

HE Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qassimi is now Ambassadress of SPMUDA

HE Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qassimi is now Ambassadress of SPMUDA. Photo
The Southern Philippines Muslims-Non Muslim Unity and Development Association, Inc. (SPMUDA International) is a registered non-profit, non-stock and non partisan NGO for peace, unity and development. It has branches all over (193) countries represented by its volunteer goodwill ambassadors to link and collaborate understanding, friendship and cooperation on matters of mutual interest for the welfare and benefit of the poor and the needy.
The SPMUDA is a CSO-NGO that supports the 10 principle of the United Nations Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, Islamic Reform Awareness to erase bad impression against Muslim and rebuild harmony between all religion. SPMUDA participate in country / local networks; involvement in specialized initiative, workstreams and engagement in partnership projects. The SPMUDA is also registered and affiliated to the United Nations NGO branch (Department of Economic and Social Affairs), European Commissions, ASEAN Youth, Friends of the Commonwealth and (28) Prestigious International Humanitarian Organizations.
The SPMUDA was founded by HRH Dr. Datu Camad M. Ali, as the most central figure recognized by the international leaders and community for his outstanding humanitarian efforts which promotes world better inter religious harmony and understanding that helps to build bridges between the Islamic Cultures and Western Countries. Dr. Ali is also recognized by the International Association of Nobilis in Europe and other Royal, Noble, Charity and Humanitarian Institutions.


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