Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Open Letter to the Portuguese Government

We did an Open Letter to Mr. President of Portuguese Republic, to Mr. Prime Minister, to some Ministries and to the Press.

We sent some E-mail's to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to Prime Minister asking about the possibility to have a Residence Visa to Mr. Mohamed Hassan, our partner in UAE. He is Egypsian and he need Visa to come to Portugal. I explained that Mr. Mohamed Hassan and H.H. Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qasimi, our partners in Tropical Line (in Dubai), will be our partners in Portugal in the Company GULF - Consulting & Investment and that could be a good opportunitty to open doors for foreign investment in Portugal to help us in this crisis momment.

We never received an answer! We consider it as a Diplomat Incident because we have two partners in UAE that are members of Royal Family: H.H. Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qasimi in Dubai and H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Al Qasimi in Ras Al Khaimah.

We intent to work very clear with our partners and I'm sure that I will find a way to get all the efforts of my Goverment to help the people feels well and invest in Portugal.

Unfornatly, we don't have any help of our Municipality (Gaia) and that's why we are preparing a fantastic office in the city of Porto. We born in Gaia, all our companies are in Gaia, we put the name of Gaia in our first company in UAE (RAK EDIGAIA), but it's time to change and choose a place that we can trust and have all support.

Our office is in the middle of the most Historic place in Porto, is a building with 500 square meters of floor area; Is an historic building too.

I want to thank here to all that send us messages giving support to our battle to bring investment to Portugal and Europe. I think that we are not the only ones thinking about that and I'm sure that all Europe need something more to overcome that world crisis.

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  1. It is very good see someone with interest in this country.
    Our politics are not doing all that they can. Our country is fantastic: good weather, good beaches, good green areas, no war,...
    Thanks for your try to bring investment to Portugal.