Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Portugal - Finding the way to change

I found an article on http://www.uaeinteract.com :
Lubna, Portuguese Economy Minister discuss cooperation
posted on 06/06/2009
UAE Foreign Trade Minister and Portuguese Economy and Innovation Minister Manuel Pinho, discussed the trade, investment and economic ties and ways of bolstering them between the two countries. The two officials also discussed the broadening of joint cooperation through setting up joint projects to boost sustainable economic growth in the UAE and Portugal. Sheikha Lubna stressed the importance of the relations between the UAE and Portugal, adding that there was a need to effect mechanism to increase the trade exchange between the two countries, which stood at Dh457 million last year. She called on Portugal to benefit from the UAE strategic location and the-state-of-art infrastructure to boost the trade. The Portuguese official said that his country was keen to boost the cooperation with the UAE in all fields in the best interest of the two countries. He stressed that his government was prepared to enhance cooperation with the UAE in the areas of environment and renewable energy. – Emirates News Agency, WAM .

I need to tell that all of that is very strange. We have two companies in UAE and one in Portugal only with the intention of help Portuguese companies and people to export and/or establish a company in UAE. We don't have any support of our government and we are never informed about anything that Portugal do with the UAE. We know because we read the Gulf newspapers and we have partners of Royal Family that know that things.
We are working with very big companies from Portugal and Europe and we have good contacts in UAE... but our government don't care about it. We are trying to get a resident Visa for a potential investor in Portugal and we don't receive any answer from our government. That investor have investments in Egypt, Libanon, Austria, Germany and more, but the Portuguese Government don't need that. We invite Mr. Mohamed Hassan and H.H. Sheikha Dr. Hind Abdul Aziz Al Qasimi (Chairwoman of Emirates Business Women Council) to be our partners in a Portuguese company (like we are in Dubai) and they accept... but the Portuguese Government don't need that.
We did that blog to show more about UAE and Portugal... Unforntly I can show more good things in UAE than in my country. I will do everything to change it and I promise here: If I change something I will tell by the same strong way like I'm doing now.

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