Sunday, 9 August 2009

Mohamed Hassan on 24 Horas Newspaper (Click on image to see bigger)

(Click on image to see bigger)

The title of the article:
Mohamed Hassan wants to invest in Real Estate but is missing... the Visa.
On the right, we can read the interview to Mr. Mohamed Hassan. I'll writing here in English:

Mohamed hassan told to 24horas that he is still waiting an answer from the national authorities to his wish of obtain a resident Visa.

24horas: Why you want a residence visa and not only an entry visa?
MH: What I want is to have availability to buy and sell, invest in safety and have warranties. If I have only an entry visa I will not be allowed to make any kind of financial application, because Portuguese law does not allow. Only with the residence Visa I could make such investments.

24horas: Have you had the same problem with other countries?
MH: No, no. The issue is that I already invested in many countries. I don't know why this is happening in Portugal. A first problem is that Portugal has no embassy here in the Emirates. Everything is handled through the embassy of Spain.

24horas: You can abdicate of Portugal because of these difficulties?
MH: There aren't any investor who likes to be confronted with bureaucratic difficulties of this kind. If I encounter difficulties in terms of documentation and other procedures, I assume that I can forget the country permanently. I just ask a warranty, a safety so I can invest in Portugal and I can come and go without problems. I would like, basically, to be well received.

24horas: It is a chance that Portugal should not miss?
MH: I can not evaluate it, but the Portuguese government. I can, perfectly, do those applications in any other country in the world. We have business in Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Dubai, ... But I still hope for a solution to facilitate all necessary procedures.

24horas: What is the volume of investments that we are talking about?
MH: We run, here in the Emirates, many and large businesses. Speaking about Portugal, we can talk about numbers in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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  1. What happen with Portugal?
    The government don't want the Millions? I can take care of it.
    Please!!! How is it possible?
    Go ahead... get the Visa for Mohamed.