Friday, 14 August 2009

UAE, Arab people and my relation with them

(On picture: Me and my friend Mohamed Hassan in Burj Al Arab)

First time I was in UAE, I was received like a king.

H. H. Sheikh Mohamed Al Qasimi, our partner, sent his people to receive us in the airport with all kind of attentions.

I stayed on Ras Al Khaimah, in Hilton Resort with my father and all Edigaia team. It was a great time and I meet the entire Emirate guided by driver of His Highness, Mr. Majid.

It was a pleasure sign a Memorandum of Association with His Highness and start thinking about business in UAE. More than the money, the country is beautiful and the people are very friendly.

I thought in that time that I found my second country. For me, UAE is a great place to live and to work.

I started meeting people like my friend and my partner Mohamed Hassan and after H.H. Sheikha Hind Al Qasimi and others. It was a great pleasure start a company with them too.

Mohamed Hassan showed to me what are an Arab and a Muslim and I was delighted. I really feel that I have some Arab blood in my veins. The social concern and the respect for the others is something that we can see all the time especially between the Sheikhs.

(On Picture: My father, H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Al Qasimi, H.H. Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi and Me in F.C.Porto Stadium)
A lot of people say that we can’t talk about religion, Catholic God or Jesus. Mohamed Hassan, H.H. Sheikh Mohamed and others showed me the opposite. For them, my God is their God; there is only one! For them Jesus is a prophet like Mohamed and others. Talk with them about religions and religious principles are like talk with someone else; I need to respect their principles and they respect mines.

Because I love to write, I did a small text about UAE, Arab people and my relation with them:

UAE means United Arab Emirates but could very well mean Union, Awesome (spectacular) and Elegant. They live for the others. They use their Union to show to the world than is possible do good things when we are perseverant and we work all with the same finality. They are Awesome or Spectacular; they build and they do what nobody did ever in the world. They are Elegant; they are friendly, they have respect for all, they are correct in all occasions.

The national lifestyle of UAE is strictly conditioned by strong affiliation to Islamic tradition. However, the country is highly tolerant towards expatriates who are given a great degree of religious freedom. The government spares no efforts to safeguard the religious and traditional interests of the country. In the country, one hears the regular prayer calls five times a day and sees all the people sincerely observe the religion.

Nobody feels bad in that country. Is a country with a strong culture but open to the occidental world. The people are intelligent and curious; open to new things and new ideas that improve the country development.

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