Monday, 31 August 2009

The fasting of a Catholic

On 28th of August, on the SOL - Portuguese Newspaper - I saw an article with the title "The fasting of a Catholic".

Ana do Carmo, public diplomacy advisor, started the Ramadan like a Muslim. For that, she asked help to Mr. Omar Suisse. teacher of Arabic Studies.

In this article she reported the first six days and all the difficulties.

I want to say that I liked very much the article and I think that it is time to understand more about the Arabic culture and Muslim principles.

Congratulations Ana do Carmo for your courage.

I need to talk about Mourinho (the Portuguese coach of Inter of Milan) too. He was threatened with death because the Italian Press told that he didn't respected the faith of a mouslim player. I saw the interview and he didn't told that. The Iman of Islamic Community in Italy already said that he believes that Mourinho respect the Islamic Religion.

Otherwise, I need to recognize that sometimes Mourinho don't say the things by the best way.
I know that the fasting can make the person physically weaker but I know too that the faith move mountains and that it is more strong than the fasting.

Ramadan Kareem.

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