Monday, 10 August 2009

Guantanamo Vs Mohamed Hassan - The Visas

Portugal will receive 2 Syrians detained in Guantanamo under a special visa.

The number 1 of the article 68.º of the Portuguese Law 23/2007 of July 4th, say:

"For humanitarian reasons or national interest, recognized by order of the Minister of the Interior, may be granted a special visa for entry and temporary stay in the country to foreign citizens who do not meet the legal requirements required for this purpose."

Luis Amado, Minister of Foreign Affairs, when asked about the duration of the special visa for humanitarian reasons attributed to these two Syrians, said that this will last "until justified".

I thought that the investment in Portugal of hundreds of Millions of Euros was a national interest. But I was wrong. It is more important bring people who cost money to our country and leave the people who wants to invest.

I'm not against help the USA to close the Guantanamo prision and bring two, three, for or ten prisoners to our country. I'm against do that and don't do the same with potential and/or real investors.

It is a disappointment live in a country that does not support itself.

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